Benefits of Eating Carrots For Health

Benefits of Eating Carrots For Health - Of course you all already know and never consume this orange vegetable right? Carrot is a vegetable that is known for its vitamin A content which is very good for eye health. Carrots itself I think is one of the vegetables that many people like it, including the fact that children do not really like eating vegetables. This may be due to the different tastes somewhat like the taste of vegetables in general.
Benefits of Eating Carrots For Health
Benefits of Eating Carrots For Health
But, did you know that it turns out carrots are not only beneficial for the eyes only? Yes, carrots are not only efficacious as a source of vitamin A which is good for your eyes, but a lot of vitamins and other minerals that are useful for your health. Here you see some of the properties and health benefits of carrots for:

1 Carrot juice can delay the aging - The antioxidants found in carrots that can counteract free radicals from outside your body. So that your body will quickly improve wrinkles. Therefore, you will look more youthful.

2 Keeping the skin moist - If you eat carrots then your skin will be protected from drought, because the content of potassium in carrots can keep your skin moist.

3 Launching the digestive tract and bowel movements - Because carrots contain high fiber, it is no wonder if by eating carrots can launch the gastrointestinal tract and bowel movements.

4 Prevent the occurrence of acne - For those of you who have acne problems, it's good for an additional consume carrots as a vegetable or juice. Because the carrots are also oil attrition that can control the production of oil on the face.

5. Maintaining eye health - It is clear that carrots can maintain eye health, because high vitamin A in carrots role in maintaining eye health and prevent cell swelling around the eyes.

6 Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke - Drinking a glass of carrot juice every morning will drop you from the possibility of heart disease, because it contains antioxidants that can prevent free radicals as well as improving blood flow in the heart.

7 Speeding up the process of healing the wounds - If you consume your carrots every injury, then you can accelerate the wound healing process. Because carrots can regenerate cells - cells that have died quickly.

It turns out quite a lot of carrots for health benefits, so now for those who rarely consume this vegetable, start to diligently eat. If it can not consume vegetables, carrots can also be made ​​into juice, which makes it taste more delicious.
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