Ways and tricks to overcome distended stomach

Abdominal part of the body that are important in the digestion of food chemically, not smooth the process greatly affect the size of the shape of one's stomach, distended stomach a constraint by some people both women and men, sometimes women and men with PD are not visible distended abdomen, especially are fond of wearing tight clothes, very unsightly.

Who does not want to have a slim stomach and proportionately, of all people crave. Maybe some of you have tried taking slimming drugs, or maybe there is avoid drinking or food that he could make belly fat, start now remove thoughts about it. Here the authors will share the ways and tricks on how to cope with bloated stomach without drugs or avoid drinks and foods that can cause a bloated stomach.

Please refer to the ways and tricks below the author's own natural and powerful way to overcome this trick distended abdomen:

1 position while eating
You need to know, position greatly affect the shape of the belly to eat someone, other than a suggestion that the position of how to eat a good meal. When eating try to stay upright body position (sitting) in order to continue to receive food according stomach stomach how it works, because if we do not erect (hunchback) eat the digestive process in the stomach or substandard crashes that can lead to the accumulation of fat, resulting in a distended abdomen.

2 Position after eating
It's a habit most people, after eating directly lying, this position can also reduce labor digestive organs in the abdomen, the authors suggest, after meals it helps remain in an upright sitting position about 5 minutes, after which it can perform other activities including lying.

3 Chewing food
Chew your food at least 25 times, because the smaller particles of food that enters the stomach digestive organs decompose more quickly so there is no buildup of fat.

4 Sit ups
To get a more ideal stomach and proportional, it's good exercise like sit ups every morning waking up about 15-20 minutes, sit-ups can help in burning stomach fat.

Regular sleep 5.
Maybe some people think that fat burning occurs more frequently when we are awake than when asleep, but the facts say that sleeping on a regular basis also helps burn calories so there is no buildup of fat. Normal sleep about 6-8 hours.

From a few tricks on the way and you can prove it, because the author himself has managed to overcome belly fat, say good bye for a distended abdomen. Similarly, this article about how to cope with a protruding belly that could give the author of this article may be useful for you, thank you.
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