Reduce hair loss naturally

Reduce hair loss naturally - Hair strong, dense, and beautiful is everyone's dream, who would not want to have hair that is strong, dense, and beautiful? surely all want, but what if you have hair loss, dull, and dry? do not worry because a lot of ways that will make your hair look beautiful and do not fall out again.

Hair loss is not going to make everyone confident, therefore hurry to avoid treating your hair loss, dull and dry with care naturally without the side effects of excessive and easily available, and cost-effective plus without spending a lot of money. Find out more about how to reduce hair fall naturally.

Reduce hair loss naturally

1 Tips to prevent hair loss with Aloe Vera
Aloe vera or Aloevera has called in vitamins and minerals, which are useful to nourish and thicken the hair. To use, you can take aloe vera, cut into two parts to be taken mucus. Apply on dry hair while still half massaged-massage well. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

2 Coping with Hair Loss with Celery Leaves
Celery turned out to have some content that is helpful for hair include calcium, iron, sodium, vitamins A and B. Celery stimulates hair growth to be more healthy, strong and shiny. The trick, grab some celery sticks in a blender and then wipe with a beaten egg. After all blended, apply gently on hair while gently dijipit. Let stand for 20-30 minutes then rinse.

3 Treating hair loss with olive oil and coconut oil
Heat oil natural oils, such as olive, coconut or canola. Then pijatkan warm the oil gently into the scalp. Cover head with a shower cap and leave for one hour. Then rinse the hair thoroughly.

4 Coping with hair loss Shallots
Efficacy to prevent hair loss. The trick, simply by eating the onion. Or eating ready-made onion pickles. It helps to keep the hair does not fall out quickly. Sometimes we do not eat onions because of the strong smell, this can be avoided by smearing the scalp with onion juice in the evening. Later in the morning, rinse the hair using a shampoo.

5. Coping with hair loss with Green Tea
Green tea (green tea) it contains beneficial antioxidants to protect hair from pollution exposure. Jasmine tea is helpful for improving hair luster. Helpful mint tea to soothe the scalp as well as fats and eliminate dandruff and relieve itching in the scalp. You do this simply by brewing tea with hot water, then endapkan during the night. Water the stale tea, rubbed into the scalp. Do it just before shampooing.

6 Prevent hair loss with Pecan.
Pecan being used for herbs, other benefits can repair and strengthen hair. In the hazelnut oil content, very good for the hair roots. How, roughly crushed pecans, then roasted. After that, mash until smooth to get out the oil. Use hazelnut oil to cream bath, do it before shampooing, then rinse with clean water using a new shampoo to wash it.

7 Coping with hair loss with Avocado.
For dry hair. Because the avocado is rich in fatty acids and nutrients. The trick, crushed avocado in a bowl, and stir until it becomes a thick paste. Then, wipe the hair from the roots to the hair ends. Then leave for 20 minutes. After that, wash the hair using shampoo, then rinse.

Similarly, this article on how to reduce hair fall naturally, rtikel hopefully this helps in treating your hair so as not to fall out, dull, and dry. Have a beautiful hair, strong and dense.
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