Foods Able to Overcome Stomach Bloating

Some people must have experienced bloating and abdominal tiadak good state.

But do not worry, because the amount of food that is easily available everywhere this fact can relieve flatulence that you suffered.

Foods Able to Overcome Stomach Bloating

Here, the food can be overcome flatulence:

herbal teas
Herbal teas have long been proven to reduce inflammation as well as relaxes the digestive system is impaired. Drink a glass of warm herbal tea, may be 1-2 tablespoons of honey as a sweetener to relieve discomfort in the abdomen.

The content of potassium in bananas are able to absorb excess water in the body is bound by sodium. If the stomach is feels bloated, eat 1-2 bananas to ease it.

As a probiotic drink containing good bacteria, yogurt can fight bad bacteria living in the digestive system. Consume 1-2 cups of yogurt at a time when the stomach was bloated, can return back to normal digestion.

Vegetables that this one is a diuretic or capable of launching urination. The water content very much, but with a low fiber content is able to facilitate urination, as well as to relieve abdominal bloating apda.

By taking a few pieces of papaya, flatulence becomes not a problem anymore. Because papaya is a fruit that has benefits as facilitating bowel movement.

Rice or rice
Because compared to other carbohydrate sources, rice or rice is easily digested by the digestive system. So the potential to eliminate excess gas trapped in the stomach. So when flatulence, eat a few mouthfuls of rice just to ease it.
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