Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Eating, Fitness Prima and Metabolism Optimal

Healthy breakfast is the key to the start of a healthy lifestyle and active lifestyle. Make sure your breakfast menu meets the criteria sufficient vitamins and minerals, protein and amino acids as needed and low glycemic carbohydrates berindex to control your blood sugar.

Healthy Breakfast and Healthy
Healthy Breakfast and Healthy

Healthy Breakfast and Healthy

Do you often skip breakfast?
You are addicted to drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day?
Are the hours of 9-10 am and 4-5 pm you feel sleepy?
Is the morning after breakfast, you feel sleepy?
Are you a doctor convicted by metabolic syndrome?
Do you find it difficult to start a healthy lifestyle?
Hard to slim even though you only eat 1x a day?
You want to run a healthy diet by eating its own management?
Your weight is normal, but the protruding belly and high cholesterol?
You experience sore and tired body after waking up?
Irregular menstruation and could not control his lust to snack?
You couple that run less good diet so that the effect on the quality of your fertility?

If there is one or more of the above statement that you experienced, then you have to fix your breakfast menu. The quality of nutrition in your breakfast menu should be better. The breakfast menu is a menu of the most important in the series of diet in your day.

Breakfast in the morning is not just to put food into the mouth as a booster stomach, or enter a fuel to wear to work, but the breakfast is to enter the food needed by our body but does not damage other organs. Pankreaslah who set it all! The pancreas is an organ in our body that produces Gastric Juice and Insulin.

Breakfast in the morning just as we prepare the car radiator water and we can use the other for a day's work. The morning breakfast was very useful to replace cells need nutrients lost after a night's rest. Healthy breakfast menu is very large effect on the rate of your metabolism.

Do you know the Importance of Healthy Breakfast Rich Nutrition?

Healthy breakfast menu can help us lose weight, the risk of diabetes, ulcer, cholesterol, heart disease and stroke. The breakfast menu contains fiber and protein, vitamins and minerals are balanced.

A study showed that those who regularly eat breakfast in the morning right has a more ideal body weight than those who skip breakfast menu.

Harvard men's health states that those who do not eat breakfast, have a 4x fold risk of obesity than those who eat breakfast with a menu that is not quite right.

Breakfast foods high in fiber are beneficial to health, it may even lower the risk of various diseases including colon polyps and colon cancer.

Healthy breakfast in the morning gives your metabolism after a night force. Breakfast in the morning is useful to replace the night time that is not filled food and meambah your sugar needs. In the morning, after you stop eating for 12 hours, the sugars in the body will turn to the level of the lowest. When this happens, your body replace it by releasing sugars that accumulate in muscle tissue and liver, called glycogen.

At the moment we wake up, our body requires about 114 kinds of nutrients to get into our body cells meet the needs of our body.

Our bodies are made ​​up of about 100 trillion cells, all of which require eating in the morning after overnight work to improve themselves and the body's natural detoxification.

Healthy breakfast rich in essential nutrients to fuel the brain, a healthy breakfast is the secret of a healthy life, a healthy breakfast is also useful to provide a "mood" is good all day.

Healthy breakfast is very useful to improve memory. Recent research has proved that a sleepless night can make our brains hunger. If we do not get enough glucose at breakfast, the brain function or memory can be disrupted.

Healthy breakfast provides a significant proportion of nutrients for the needs of the day. Food consumed at breakfast are able to withstand the high fat and calorie foods throughout the day.

Good healthy breakfast will help you control your excessive hunger, which can prevent you from overeating during the day.

Healthy breakfast is useful for weight loss. During sleep the body is no fasting all night, and in the morning you are in the first stage was hungry. Skipping breakfast makes your body remains "in famine", while providing a nutritious breakfast will increase your metabolism. Breakfast is a healthy food will improve the ability to burn fat in your body.

Healthy breakfast is also useful for those couples who experience fertility problems due to diet and lifestyle is not good. Healthy breakfast can help you in terms of fertility treatment to meet the nutritional needs of the body so your body is in a state of healthy and fit. Insufficient vitamin B complex, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, selenium, zinc, essential amino acids and some other important minerals in the morning is helping to restore the quality of health and fitness of your body, which will create egg and sperm quality.

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